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I wrote, illustrated, and bound my first few books
when I was in 1st grade, and continued to write
compulsively throughout my school years. I put my
dream of being a writer on hold during college and
studied psychology instead, earning a Bachelor's
Degree with honors from Dartmouth College in 1988.
The lure of the printed word, however, proved too
strong for me to resist. By 1989, I had landed an
entry-level job as production assistant at The Stephen
Greene Press, a Boston-based imprint of Viking/
Penguin. At Stephen Greene, I learned the joys of
proofing bluelines, making bound manuscripts,
tracking back cover copy, and many other publishing-
house essentials.
Grunt work? Yes...but it didn't matter. I was hooked
on books!
After The Stephen Greene Press closed in 1990,
I moved to Florida, where I embarked on a nine-year 
odyssey through the publishing world. I worked at various times as a financial book/newsletter editor, a layout artist, a graphic designer, and a magazine editor-in-chief, gaining valuable knowledge at each stop. My path led eventually to the position of Managing Editor and, later, Creative Director at Pace Products, a children's publisher/packager that worked with many national clients.
During my four years at Pace, I learned the ins and outs of children's book publishing. I also discovered my life calling and my greatest talent: writing for kids. I proved to be especially adept at mid-elementary science writing, with an ability to translate difficult concepts into kid-friendly, easy-to-understand explanations and experiments. My interests, though, went far beyond the science realm. I developed and wrote arts & crafts books, activity kits, early-learning products, and much more. I also began to hone my fiction-writing skills during these years.
In 1999, I decided it was time to turn my love of writing into a full-time endeavor. Taking a huge leap of faith, I left Pace to launch a freelance career. Since that momentous day, I have been hired to write hundreds upon hundreds of children's books (both fiction and nonfiction) and activity kits. (See my book/kit credits for more information.) I have also written for the adult market. However, I continue to gravitate toward children's writing.
This tendency has only increased since 2002, when I and my husband, Michael, welcomed our first daughter into the world. Today, the Hirschmann household includes two beautiful little girls, Nikki and Erika, who are a continual source of inspiration to their mother. Testing experiments and crafts with my children; visiting their classrooms to give author presentations; reading my own work to the girls and seeing the delight on their faces; all of these pleasures increase with each passing year. They also deepen my commitment to the children's writing genre. Kids' books are no longer something I "do," they're something I "am." I am deeply grateful to be working in a field that I love so much.
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